BSA Twin Towers - PRICE LIST

St. Francis Square : BSA Twin Towers For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 4,200,000 35 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 4,200,000 40 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 7,600,000 76 sqm
3 Bedroom ₱ 9,900,000 114 sqm

Truly when you’re looking for a “home in the city”- you can find it at BSA TWIN TOWERS in Ortigas. 

Want to invest in a condotel? It is a perfect option if you want a hassle-free ownership, as there are no landlord issues.  You also avoid maintenance problems. Of course, the units are individually owned and owners place their units at the hotel’s rental program where it is rented out just like any other hotel room. 

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a young professional or maybe a young couple looking for a worthy investment – you might think of having a condotel as a good investment. Think about it and one best option is this building. With a great location, blooming area with the best developments – you are sure of an investment that will give good returns. This property surely will appreciate in the years to come and who wouldn’t like that?

Life is a series of dreams and one of those is a perfect home that is also an investment. As you toil hard for your love ones, ensure that their future is also secured. Make the best times out of the present. Provide them with all you can afford to give them and for sure, they will appreciate all the efforts. The love, support and trust that they would give in turn are a testament to how they appreciate all the hard work you put into everyday. 

Living in Ortigas sounds like a good choice to start the life you’ve always dreamed of. With a working atmosphere like the biggest local and international companies and BPOs – one can easily find work here and perhaps, do some walking to work. Isn’t that a wonderful option? No need to stress out in the everyday traffic in the metro. A number of reputable schools are nearby so no need to worry if your kids are back home from their schools.  You will be at peace knowing they’ve gone home earlier as you expected them to be. Shopping and dining choices? They’re a lot around this district and more establishments are surely sprouting out of nowhere here.  This place has a lot of beautiful developments going on. Whatever you fancy for food, leisure or shopping – they’re all right here in this place so no need to travel far to reach your desired destinations. 

One noteworthy advantage is you need not go far if what you’re after is a government office as a mall right within your vicinity, SM Megamall - has its own government services center. What a plus, especially if you have occasional needs for some documents and transactions to process and follow-up – ‘right?  It is indeed a convenient option for you. 

Are you now convinced that condotel living may be luxurious, comfortable, convenient but simple and easy at the same time? You have a lot of choices or options – truly BSA TWIN TOWERS in Ortigas is your best bet and you won’t regret it. 

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